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Taiwan - an unusual destination for a holiday - Chapter 4 - nature at it's finest.

Part of the tour was visits to national parks and nature reserves.  Just a few photographs of some of the areas we visited.

Amazing what nature can accomplish with a little bit of wind, rain and the sea.


* Eight-arch Bridge
The unique eight-arch bridge connecting Sansiantai Island with the shore was completed in 1987. It is 320 meters long and has 320steps.

Taiwan has many many bridges like this, all built very high up to avoid the rushing water during the typhoons.

The Taroka Gorge

The following pictures are of The Toroka Gorge, it is a very popular tourist attraction, most tourists visit this area as part of their tour.

The gorge is composed mainly metomorphic rocks, such as marble,gneiss, "schist",etc. The name, Taroko, means the "magnificent and splendid" in the language of Truku, the aboriginal tribe who resides in the area.

We walked a part of the way with our blue helmets as rock slides, earthquakes and damage in typhoon season is common.

Always love the signs.

I am wearing my safety helmut as the sign says.  What good it would do me when the cliff came tumbling down I am not sure.

This was a very enjoyable day.

A view of a typical residential area in Taiwan.

There are lots of fishing villages and fishing boats, most of the dishes we were offered at the restaurants were seafood, very little meat.

Lots of rice paddies, they are built right up against the buildings using every spare piece of land, no yard around the house, just rice paddies.  Makes you wonder if they have issues with mildew as it is quite a humid climate like ours.

This is a picture of one of the beaches, not sand, pebbles.  It is forbidden to take rocks away from this beach.  They are really quite beautiful.

This lovely gentleman was our tour guide, at times his English was a little poor.  I snapped him taking some snaps.

End of Chapter 4.
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  1. Amazing scenery, Val! Really beautiful photos :-)