Saturday, 3 May 2014

Beautiful Flowers and Gardens

We all love flowers and beautiful gardens.  We also love to photograph them, us travellers we photograph them all around the world.  Some of the winged inhabitants too.

Many plants are given to us as gifts, or start as a small cutting from a friend.  We nurture these plants like children, the kids are much more hardy than some of the plants I have tried to grow.

It is lovely to see all these photos again, hope you enjoy them too.

This kookaburra was a regular visitor to our back patio at Enoggera.

This bush flowered beautifully every  year, I have forgotten the name, Jane has some lovely ones as well.

A friendly seagull.

A beautiful daisy, purchased at Bunnings and flowered every year.

Dancing Lady orchid, my mother-in-law gave me a couple of these and they are still flowering.  Now with the new owners at Enoggera.

Flo and her beautiful garden  at her nursing home.

Another of my mother-in-law's beautiful orchids.  

This was a special variety of poinsettia that flowered in the shade, it was a spectacular show every year.

The Brunfelsia, beautiful to look at and a lovely scent.

I bought these two beautiful Hydrangeas at Woolworths, sadly they didn't survive the drought.  They do need a lot of water.  My mum had beautiful hydrangeas flowering on queue every year  in the house at Everton Park.  They were watered every day, in full sun in the front yard.  This was before water restrictions were imposed and we would hose our lawns every day.

Bought these lovely hibiscus with a plan to grow a beautiful flowering hedge, sadly the bugs got to these and they did not survive.

A lovely water wheel at a garden in China.

Again  beautiful flowering trees in China.

This was taken at a bird park in Hong Kong beautiful Flamingos.

Hippeastrums growing in the garden at Enoggera.

These photos were taken at the Ballarat Botanic Garden.

Colourful crotons at Enoggera.

Beautiful birds at O'Reillys.

More dancing lady orchids.

Two beautiful orchids given as a gift from my mother-in-law's garden.

Flowering poinciana at the gardens on the south bank of the Brisbane River.

A beautiful native in my sister in law's garden at Stanthorpe.

Daisies in the Stanthorpe garden.

A lovely bouquet at Jim Thompon's House, a tourist attraction in Bangkok.

A few more shots from the garden in Bangkok.

Monet's Garden at Giverny outside Paris, a visit I will always remember.

Just beautiful, I will never forget my visit to this magical place.

A golden statue of Johan Strauss, the waltz king at a beautiful garden in Vienna.

There is something special about the photographs you take yourself, keep following my blog for more beautiful pictures.

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