Saturday, 17 May 2014

BREAKFAST - the most important meal of the day - so they say!

We all love to go out for breakfast, I think it has taken over from dinner as the favourite meal to dine out.
Thought it would be a bit of fun see some of the mouthwatering breakfasts I have enjoyed.   Some of them I cannot even remember where I ate them.

These few breakfasts were in Thailand, eggs are popular everywhere as a breakfast staple.

Mangoes with coconut rice, just scrumptous. 

Always lots of chili in Thailand.

Noodle soups always popular in Asia, especially China and Taiwan.

Chris and I will always remember this breakfast, red wine and noodle soup at the freezing Quangzhou airport in China.  Wine at 9am in the morning.  It really was luscious.

 Europe - a lovely chocolate pancake in Vienna, this was back in 2010, no Ipad then, funny how quickly technology moves on.

Australian breakfasts - always enjoyable.

This was a lovely breakfast at Chermside.

Portside in Brisbane, just loved their crockery, it added to the ambience of the surrounds and the enjoyment of the meal.
This was a beautiful fruit compote with a beautiful sweet bread at Berry in NSW, a lovely little craft town south of Sydney.  

The Mexican restaurant at Newmarket in Brisbane.

Damper at O'Reilly's on the Lamington Plateau, Michael O'Reilly serving us breakfast.
A regular haunt - early morning coffee at The Drowned Rat Espresso at Clontarf.

This breakfast was just lovely, a little cafe at Nundah - I have forgotten the name - this was on the way to the airport to head off to Taiwan.

Shorncliffe on the Park

A  little coffee shop we found at Shorncliffe this morning.  A cafe with the charm of yesteryear.
Beautiful food, beautifully presented.

I have had many many more great breakfasts and glad to see at the cafe this morning I wasn't the only one taking a photo of my meal.  

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